January 2015 - PS Medical Marketing

What To Do If You Get A Bad Review on Yelp

We have seen them online and winced. It’s the post by an upset patient trying to damage a provider’s reputation with a negative review on Yelp.

Unfortunately, many people take what they see on the internet as fact.  So, what … Read More

Help For Your Yelps

What is this thing called Yelp? Is it just another social media platform? If you already have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, why should a physician be concerned with Yelp?

YELP is a free, consumer-driven review site. You … Read More

Is your support staff undermining your practice

Recently a colleague of ours (we’ll call her Jane) moved to a small Midwestern town. After researching physicians, Jane selected one with an established practice and excellent credentials. When she called his office, Jane was shunted from person to person … Read More