Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers

CAMPAIGN: Had it with Headaches? (Outreach to consumers and referring physicians.)

CHALLENGE: Many headache sufferers don’t realize that a common type of headache (cervicogenic)  can be treated with physical therapy, not drugs or unnecessary medical treatment. Currently, Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers offers a team of headache specialists that is under-utilized by patients and referring physicians.  In addition, basic awareness of cervicogenic headaches is low among primary care physicians.

STRATEGY: PS Medical raised awareness of cervicogenic headaches and physical therapy as a solution among consumers and referring physicians by:

  • Implementing a Free Headache Screen at all locations
  • Creating an educational patient testimonial video for posting on website, social media and to show to referring physicians
  • Developing headache content on website
  • Designing a campaign for referring physicians, including an algorithm outlining the signs, symptoms and treatment for cervicogenic headaches
  • Securing Accelerated patient success stories in local newspapers
  • Featuring headache specialist/physical therapist on WGN-TV midday news
RESULTS:  The campaign was a success and secured the following:
  • PS Medical raised consumer awareness with three newspaper stories featuring headache patient success stories and a WGN-TV segment featuring the head of the headache specialty.
  • Accelerated sales staff successfully implemented new headache program tools in presentations to referring physicians.
  • An estimated two dozen patients booked Free Headache Screen as a result of this campaign.

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