January 13, 2016

Doctor’s How-to: Instagram – What should I post?

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.14.33 PMIf you’re at a loss for ideas to stay active on Instagram, consider these top 10 ideas:

1. Post a picture with a patient (be sure to get his/her approval)
2. Post a picture of your favorite team after a win
3. Post healthy behavior tips
4. Post healthy recipes with a food photo
5. Post a video clip talking about when to visit a doctor
6. Post a photo of yourself at work, perhaps in a lab coat
7. Post a photo of interesting (but not too graphic) medical images
8. Post a photo of a pet/animal doing something funny
9. Post a pretty outdoor shot (maybe with your office in the distance)
10. Post a picture with your medical team (nurses, secretaries, PAs, techs, etc.)

Remember to put a description and hashtag every post! Even better… put a link!


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