A Love Story: Doctors and Social Media

If you are a physician, seeing patients, working in the OR and spending time with family can take up most of your day. You may wonder if diving into social networking is worthwhile. Who wouldn’t? But the truth is, in … Read More

PS Medical WGN-TV Segment— “Around Town”

An early morning TV shoot is just another day on the job for us. This one, a WGN-TV “Around Town” segment featured Midwest Orthopaediccs at Rush sports medicine physician Dr. Jeffrey Mjaanes. He shared his extensive knowledge of concussion just … Read More

Dependent on Great Photography

A picture tells a thousand words…. And in our business of creating messaging and relevant content for clients, we are dependent on great photography. And, thanks to one of Chicago’s best, John Booz (no, this doesn’t mean he hits the … Read More

PS Medical Marketing WIns Top Award for Marketing Physician Services

PS Medical wins big at the Publicity Club of Chicago’s award ceremony.  We won the Golden Trumpet Award for the public service campaign “Knees for Life” — calling attention to rising ACL injuries and recommending screening and prevention programs for … Read More

Internal PR—What is it and how to make it effective?

The scenario: The public relations firm you hired has just rolled out a brilliant campaign featuring your team of specialized care physicians. It’s the perfect pitch: accessible information focusing on the kind of medicine that sets your practice above the … Read More

How A PR Firm Can Help Your Medical Practice

In a crowded field of constantly changing health care options, how can you make your medical services stand out? At PS Medical Marketing, we have noticed that more and more solo physicians and group practices are turning to marketing and public … Read More

What To Do If You Get A Bad Review on Yelp

We have seen them online and winced. It’s the post by an upset patient trying to damage a provider’s reputation with a negative review on Yelp.

Unfortunately, many people take what they see on the internet as fact.  So, what … Read More

Help For Your Yelps

What is this thing called Yelp? Is it just another social media platform? If you already have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, why should a physician be concerned with Yelp?

YELP is a free, consumer-driven review site. You … Read More

Is your support staff undermining your practice

Recently a colleague of ours (we’ll call her Jane) moved to a small Midwestern town. After researching physicians, Jane selected one with an established practice and excellent credentials. When she called his office, Jane was shunted from person to person … Read More