Talk like a Physician

Medical terminology is tricky. In life, there are two distinct moments when using very technical medical words can be problematic. One is when a physician explains a diagnosis to a patient who has little medical literacy and the other is … Read More

Throwback Thursday

P.S. Medical Marketing recently found a Digital Trends article, “Everything you need to know about your favorite day: Throwback Thursday (er, #tbt).” Writer, Kate Knibbs, says that Millennials love nostalgia, and the social media world loves the concept of Throwback Thursday (#TBT, … Read More

Should doctors use Facebook for their practice?

Not every physician is as media savvy as those on Even doctors who understand the virtues of social media as a marketing and communication tool are all too aware of its downsides. For example, Dr. Kevin Pho maintains both a … Read More

To Tweet or not to Tweet?

You’re a busy physician but you want to venture into social media to bring new business to your practice. The question that comes to mind is should you use Facebook or Twitter?

The answer can be found in your audience. … Read More

How to keep your reception desk from scaring patients away

As a medical care provider, it’s time for you to walk into your office and see it through the eyes of your patient. Is the desk too high for most people to reach? Is there a quiet place for a … Read More

The mouse click that roars: Using video on your website.

Today, almost everyone has a website to market their professional services. But, just having an online presence is not enough to attract a desired audience. The more eyes on a page, the more likely your message is being received. So … Read More

Content Marketing for Websites

What does a winning website have to do with neuroscience? More than you might think. In her book Neuro Web Design (2008), Dr. Susan Weinschenk says that the human brain has three separate areas: instinct, emotion and logic. With good … Read More

Calling all doctors. Your patients are online…you should be too!

The internet is a wildly untamed place, one that many health professionals choose to avoid. It is quickly becoming the primary resource for patients to connect with, learn more about and even rate their doctors—81 percent of U.S. adults use the internet and 59 percent say they have looked online for health information in the past year; and while many doctors have used Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other online medical community sites like Sermo to engage with friends and colleagues, few have corresponded with patients.

The bottom line: Get online. Your patients are and you should be too! Establish your own reputation while embracing consumer reviews. You’ll learn about the digital world and the consumer expectation, gain visibility, be better connected and recognized, and have a positive impact on the potential patient–all positive outcomes. Now, go sign up!Read More

Health Hot-Buttons Workshop on May 31, 2013

P.S. Communications is pleased to announce an incredible event taking place in Chicago at the end of this month!

We have partnered with Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) and Accelerated Rehabilitation to bring you a “Health Hot-Buttons” Workshop. … Read More

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Team Fights in the Battle Against Cancer

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) team is swimming in the Chicago Swim Across America event on Saturday, August 4 to benefit cancer research, prevention and treatment. MOR’s 14-member team led by team captain Patti Piasecki, registered nurse at MOR, includes cancer … Read More