March 5, 2015

How A PR Firm Can Help Your Medical Practice

In a crowded field of constantly changing health care options, how can you make your medical services stand out? At PS Medical Marketing, we have noticed that more and more solo physicians and group practices are turning to marketing and public relations professionals to grow their practices and maintain a good reputation in the intense competition for patients.

Most doctors have neither the time nor the inclination to sell themselves via advertising and social media. But hiring an external public relations firm can be truly cost effective. Knowledgeable professionals can increase the size and scope of your practice by making the public and the medical community aware of you through a well-managed media presence. Finding a company with experience in navigating new technologies like social media and branding can bring countless benefits to a doctor.

Physicians today are encouraged to utilize all of the new options the internet has to offer, such as maintaining their own website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a Yelp listing. But in most offices, those tasks fall to an already overburdened staff. So, monitoring your practice’s web presence is an afterthought. As you look around the office, is there anyone able to allocate precious time writing informational essays or blogs to constantly freshen your website’s content? Or do you have an employee who adept at handing and updating the constant demands of social media? The message has to be consistent to reinforce your identity. That kind of expertise is the reason to hire an outside firm.

Here are some of the services an external public relations company can provide:

Market Research (surveys, questionnaires, doctor/patient relationships)

Digital Strategy—web design, social media, newsletters, online ads

PR such as press releases and contact people to answer questions

Branding and identity in everything from letterheads to logos

Content marketing — creating written content, videos, photos to keep your website fresh

Crisis management

Media training

In the face of an ever changing medical landscape with more sophisticated consumers, the best way to grow and maintain your identity as a medical professional with the kind of experience patients seek is to let a public relations firm that specializes in medical marketing craft and monitor the message you are trying to deliver. That allows you and your staff more time to focus on good medicine.

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